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Winsol Windows-120

Winsol Windows-120



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Ideal for windows, mirrors, and glass Winsol Windows-120 window cleaning soap is a very concentrated, biodegradable anionic detergent system that releases its power in water. When used to remove oils, greases and grime, Windows120 emulsifies those oils and converts (saponifies) them into a type of soap that actually supports the ability of this product to continue to clean at optimum levels.

Winsol Windows-120 is safe, non-toxic, and will thoroughly clean any material that is considered water washable. It is very mild (pH 7.0-8.0) and safe to use by hand on most surfaces to remove soils from even heavy smoke damage, stain accumulation, grease, and oil.

Built to give you all the blade slip you need without excess bleeding, Winsol Windows-120 will generally eliminate the need for additives that you might be using now to increase slip, further helping to cut greasy stains, hand prints, and heavy soiling. It also includes an exclusive odor-control formula with a fresh lemon fragrance so that all indoor work is enhanced by its freshening scent. Feel confident that most of your clients will feel that if it smells cleaner it looks cleaner.

Normal dilution is 1 oz to 3-4 gallons of water.

Available in a gallon jug or 5 gallon pail.

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