Collection: Hard Water Stain Removal

When water sits on glass, whether from rain, sprinklers, or other sources, it can leave mineral stains that build up. Over time, these stains become more difficult to remove. That’s why we carry a large selection of products for hard water stain removal.

We recommend a progressive approach to hard water stain removal. Start with Bio Clean, tough on stains but safe for plants, pets, and children. If you need something more powerful, try our medium duty A-1 Stain Remover. For really tough stains, opt for a heavy duty acid like EaCo Chem OneRestore or Winsol Crystal Clear 550. Be sure to use protection, read all of the product’s instructions, and test in a small area when using acids.

Here at Detroit Sponge, we’re always happy to answer any questions you have about hard water stain removal, either before or after you purchase. Email us or give us a call during business hours.