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A Small But Mighty Brush

When do you need a 5 inch brush for your waterpole? Well, according to a lot of cleaners we talk to, more often than you'd think! Small, skinny windows. French windows. Old, leaded glass. Windows behind obstructions. When you need it, you'll be happy you have it! See more uses and other considerations for using this specialty brush in our featured blog post.

Manufacturer Spotlight

Titan Labs has been making solutions for professionals and serious DIYers since 1984. Since then, they've become trusted across a variety of industries. For professional window cleaning solutions, their most famous product is the Glass Gleam series, Glass Gleam 4 (GG4) and Glass Gleam 3 (GG3). However, that isn't all! Check out their full line, including Titan Green and the rest of the Glass Gleam series.