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From The Blog

Window cleaners from cold climates know the pain of fighting with chemicals in the winter. On our blog, we give window cleaners professional tips gleaned not just from talking to customers, but from the experience of members of our staff!

Plus, we give you the lowdown on just how bad of an idea it is to use chemicals in our pure water system at freezing temperatures. Seriously, don't do it!

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Manufacturer Spotlight

Ettore squeegee rubbers are known worldwide for their quality year after year. But there is so much more to the Ettore window cleaning supplies lineup!

We carry everything from squeegee combos like the Ettore Backflip to the latest in pure water solutions, like the Ettore AquaClean waterpole line. Ettore even makes a "Welcome Kit," perfect for business owners who want to do their windows themselves and save money.

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