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"Stay off the Ladder!"

Years ago, as a window cleaner in Iowa, Jerry Rigdon new that there had to be a better way to clean windows on one of his downtown commercial accounts. The struggle was the last, bottom inches of the deep-set windows. There was no easy way to get that last little bit of the higher windows cleaned from the ground. At hand height, Jerry knew all the tricks to slide the squeegee and finish the glass, but what about windows that were just out of reach and higher? How could he clean from the ground with a pole and still get the perfect results his customer demanded? He knew there could be a better way.

Manufacturer Spotlight

What is so unique about the squeegee designed and built down under? Welcome to the world of Willie, the creator of the WagTail squeegee line. Wagtail creates professional pivoting cleaning tools, made by window cleaners for window cleaners. This design feature is beloved by many, and you might agree. Wagtail tools are made ethically in Australia and available for you to use here in the United States!