Collection: High Rise


Our ladders are indispensable tools for professional window cleaners, enabling access to windows at varying heights and angles. Whether it's high-rise buildings in urban landscapes or residential homes in suburban neighborhoods, rely on our ladders to reach every surface with precision and efficiency. From extending their reach to accessing tight spaces, ladders ensure thorough cleaning results, enhancing the clarity and appearance of windows. With sturdy construction and adjustable features, these versatile tools provide stability and safety, allowing window cleaners to tackle even the most challenging tasks confidently and skillfully.


We know rope is a lifeline for professional window cleaners, especially in high-rise settings where conventional ladders may not reach. Utilizing advanced rigging techniques such as rope descent systems (RDS) or bosun chairs, cleaners can safely descend or ascend the facades of skyscrapers to access windows at any height. Rope kits from Detroit Sponge ensure thorough cleaning without compromising safety, as cleaners are secured with harnesses and backup systems. These rope options also enable precise maneuverability around architectural features, ensuring every window receives meticulous attention.

Rope Grabs

You cannot rely on rope alone, right? Rope grabs are essential for professional window cleaners, enabling secure attachment to vertical ropes during descents. With their automatic locking mechanisms, rope grabs provide a reliable grip and prevent accidental slips or falls. These devices ensure safety and confidence for cleaners working at heights, facilitating efficient window cleaning operations.

Ascenders & Descenders

Vital for high-rise window cleaning equipment, ascenders help cleaners ascend vertical surfaces using secure mechanical grips on ropes or cables, granting access to upper levels where traditional methods fail. Descenders facilitate controlled descent, ensuring cleaners navigate down facades safely with stability and precision. Equipped with safety features like auto-locking mechanisms, these tools provide the utmost security for cleaners working at great heights. With Detroit Sponge-provided ascenders and descenders, window cleaners confidently handle tall structures efficiently and safely.

Sit Boards

Our sit boards are indispensable for professional window cleaners. They offer a stable platform for working on windows at height and a secure seat for cleaners, allowing them to reach and clean windows with ease and precision. With adjustable features and safety harness attachments, sit boards ensure comfort and security, enabling efficient window cleaning even in challenging environments.


Detroit Sponge knows safety is paramount! Harnesses are crucial safety equipment for professional window cleaners, providing vital protection when working at height. By securely fastening cleaners to anchor points, harnesses prevent falls and ensure stability while accessing windows. With adjustable straps and durable construction, harnesses offer peace of mind, allowing cleaners to focus on their tasks confidently.