window squeegee removing soapy water from a window

6 Tips for Preparing and Properly Using a Window Squeegee

Unleash your inner window-cleaning wizard! No more streaky panes or sluggish scrubbing – transform your humble squeegee into an expert-worthy tool. Craft your secret weapon by mixing a touch of Squeegee Wash in a half-filled bucket of water. Aim for a subtly soapy texture, like a smooth magic potion. Now, grab your window washer and take it for a dip, ensuring minimal drips (remember, drips are the enemy of sparkling glass!). Gently glide the washer in circular motions, banishing dirt while refreshingly drying the frames. Finally, the grand finale – the squeegee! With smooth, confident strokes, sweep away the solution, leaving behind windows so crystal-clear you'll be tempted to high-five your reflection. Remember, practice makes perfect, but with these pro tips, you'll be a window-cleaning master in no time. 

Key Tips to Remember

The principles that govern the effective use of regular-size squeegees remain applicable when working with larger counterparts:

  1. Start the squeegee on a dry glass area by cutting the edge to create a dry zone.
  2. Maintain a consistent base angle or distance between the squeegee handle and the glass.
  3. Exercise caution with pressure (opt for less pressure for optimal results).
  4. Employ a minimal amount of water on the glass.
  5. Wipe the squeegee rubber with a towel or rag after each stroke.
  6. Avoid cleaning exterior windows in direct sunlight, as achieving a professional result becomes more challenging under these conditions.

Chemicals and Solutions to Use

Forget fancy, multi-chemical concoctions! Sparkling interior windows often surrender to a simple water-and-detergency alliance. While classic dish soap shines indoors, explore specialized solutions for tackling stubborn outdoor grime. Remember, sometimes, less is more – harnessing the power of water and a gentle detergent can yield impeccable results. But if you're chasing peak efficiency and satisfaction, delve into the world of advanced cleaners. Opt for reputable brands, and watch your happy customers reflect their appreciation in crystal-clear panes!

Other Tools for Your Window Cleaning Toolkit

Choose from various types and sizes of sponges or scrubbers for the practical application of cleaning products, including washers, scrubbers, and sleeves, to enhance versatility in your cleaning routine. For buckets, opt for the Ettore super bucket, known for its durability and precise dimensions, ensuring seamless equipment accommodation. Include surgical towels or microfiber cloths to prevent lint or streaks, providing a spotless, streak-free glass surface. Make sure to have a sturdy ladder in your toolkit for adhering to traditional window cleaning methods; a 3-foot step ladder is practical, while a 20-foot Werner extension ladder provides versatility.

Detroit Sponge Has You Covered

At Detroit Sponge, we believe in more than just selling high-quality cleaning products. We strive to build lasting customer partnerships, providing years of unwavering service and expert advice.

We cater to professional needs, offering a curated selection of top-notch tools and equipment to tackle even the toughest cleaning challenges. But we don't stop there! Our team provides personalized support and insights. Have questions about a product or need recommendations tailored to your specific business? Don't hesitate to reach out! Give us a call at 1-800-535-6394. We're always happy to chat and help you find the perfect cleaning solutions for your success.

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