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Winsol Trio Plus (Gallon)

Winsol Trio Plus (Gallon)



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Winsol Trio Plus is a technologically advanced, enzyme-based odor controller and cleaner formulated for use on hard surfaces and carpets. It is ready-to-use and works great for both consumer and commercial applications.

Winsol Trio Plus combines:

  • A unique chemical formulation for immediate odor control
  • The long lasting, deep cleaning benefits of biotechnology
  • And an odor eliminator that destroys odors at the source so they cannot return

The chemistry binds odor-causing molecules for immediate odor control, and biotechnology targets odorous compounds for degradation and elimination. The naturally occurring microbes in Winsol Trio Plus then degrade the organic compounds that cause odor, breaking them down to benign, odorless compounds such as carbon dioxide and water.

The combined effect makes Winsol Trio Plus an effective, safe and environmentally friendly odor controller. Winsol Trio Plus also contains sophisticated, non-resoiling cleaning capabilities designed specifically for carpet and upholstery stain removal.

Size: Gallon

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