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Winsol Screen Cleaner and Sealer (Gallon)

Winsol Screen Cleaner and Sealer (Gallon)



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Winsol Screen Cleaner and Sealer is specially developed for cleaning and sealing vinyl, fiberglass, and aluminum window and door screens. Regular use will protect aluminum screens and frames to help prevent corrosion. Special emollients will seal and restore natural resistance to vinyl and fiberglass screens and frames.

Screen Cleaner and Sealer may be applied to brand new screens prior to installation or to restore the appearance and durability of existing soiled screens and frames. Regular treatment will protect the fabric and frame against bird droppings, acid rain, general pollutants in the atmosphere, and color fading caused by UV rays from the sun.

Screen Cleaner and Sealer provides home and building owners with a like new appearance while reducing window screen maintenance.

  • Fast and easy to use
  • Safe and effective for all types of window and door screens
  • For use on both screens and frames as well
  • Provides a durable barrier to protect screens and keep them cleaner longer
  • Helps reduce aluminum “blush" and corrosion
  • After use, any dust or soil can be easily brushed away

Available in a 1 gallon jug.

WINTER WARNING: Detroit Sponge and our carriers (UPS or FedEx) are NOT responsible for liquids freezing in transit. Please keep this in mind when ordering liquids during the winter months, particularly in January.

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