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Winsol G-Force Cleaner (Gallon)

Winsol G-Force Cleaner (Gallon)



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Driveway oil stains are more than just a nuisance. They lower the value of property, present a health hazard to children and pets, and provide a source for stains to be tracked into houses and car interiors.

Winsol G-Force Cleaner offers an inexpensive, easy to use, and safe method to remove driveway or garage floor stains. New stains or old stains are treated the same and quickly eliminated. The exclusive formulation of bacterial ingesters penetrate deep into concrete, cement or asphalt surfaces and breakdown, digest and remove oil, grease or sludge stains no matter how old.

Size: Gallon

WINTER WARNING: Detroit Sponge and our carriers (UPS or FedEx) are NOT responsible for liquids freezing in transit. Please keep this in mind when ordering liquids during the winter months, particularly in January.

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