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Unger nLITE® Angle Adapter Gooseneck

Unger nLITE® Angle Adapter Gooseneck



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The Impossible Made Possible!

The Unger nLITE® angle adapter goosenecks are made for the new Unger nLITE® brushes, with the single-click connection system for an easy, secure connection that goes on and off quickly but won’t let the brush spin or fall off.

Whether you’re cleaning difficult overhanging elements or glass roofing and walls, this system with give you the perfect length and angle for every application. Combine the modular elements in any number of variants to easily reach places that are difficult to access. The angle is easily adjustable and quickly secured with the clamps.


  • Available in 3 sizes: short (6 inch), medium (16.5 inch), and long (32 inch)
  • Change brushes in lightning time
  • Adjust the brush in 45 degree stages
  • Easy, secure single-click connection

What’s The Unger Single-Click Connection System?

Most waterpole goosenecks thread onto the brush with a fine Euro thread. This is not the best way to connect tools, because the threads can loosen as the brush is pressed against the glass while you’re working. So Unger has created their single-click connection system to give you the most secure connection available. It easily clicks on and won’t spin.

Available in 6, 16.5, and 32 inch.

Unger Part Nos. NGS15, NGS30, NGS40

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