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Unger MultiLink Y-Adapter -- DISC

Unger MultiLink Y-Adapter -- DISC



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The Unger Multilink Y-adapter will allow you to attach two tools to one pole. Mix-and-match brushes and tools from the Unger Indoor Window Cleaning Kit product line.

The Y-adapter will attach to all Unger nLite waterpoles and OptiLoc extension poles when used with the Unger HiFlo Thread adapter (AFAET).

The Y-adapter is made of anodized aluminum and allows for quickly changing of the tool you're using by flipping the pole around. Try it on your Unger nLite waterpole to add a scrub pad for extra dirty windows!

Unger Part No. FTYAD

Please Note: This item has been discontinued and is only available while in stock quantities last.

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