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UPDATED Unger High Access Dusting Kit

UPDATED Unger High Access Dusting Kit



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The Unger High Access Dusting Kit is a convenient multi-surface dusting tool kit. It will work with an Unger aluminum extension pole or either a Gen1 or Gen2 nLite pole with the included adapters.

Clean up to 65+ feet!

This kit contains the following items:

  • StarDuster Pipe Brush (PIPE0)
  • StarDuster Wall Brush (WALB0)
  • StarDuster Pro Ceiling Fan Duster (CEDUG)
  • Cobweb Duster Brush (COBW0)
  • StarDuster ProFlex Duster (PXD7G)
  • Replacement ProFlex Sleeves 50 Pack (PS50W)
  • Gen1 nLite Locking Cone Adapter (HFNLC)
  • Gen2 nLITE Classic Tool Adapter (NLCLA)

This kit does not include a pole. For a pole, see the related items below.

Unger Part No. HADK2

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