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Unger ErgoTec™ Glass Scraper

Unger ErgoTec™ Glass Scraper



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The Unger ErgoTec™ Glass Scraper is for scraping windows. It has a double-edged blade made of high quality carbon steel, a light weight ergonomic handle, and a protective cap. This scraper locks onto the Unger ErgoTec™ Locking Cone adapter for safe high-access cleaning. For the correct replacement parts, see the table and the related items below.

Available in 4 and 6 inch.

Replacement Parts

Blade Size 4 Inch
Blades TR100 (10-pack)
Cover EGC10
Tracks EGH10
Blade Size 6 Inch
Blades TR150 (10-pack)
Cover EGC15
Tracks EGH15

Caution: Blade is sharp! Always test scrapers in a small area before use, and use proper scraper safety measures.

Unger Part Nos. EG100 & EG150

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