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Tucker S4 Cart Multi-stage Pure Water System

Tucker S4 Cart Multi-stage Pure Water System



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Meet the all-new Tucker Cart! The S4!

The Tucker S4 Cart Multi-stage Pure Water system is a high flow RO/DI cart. It is a 4-stage system, meaning it has four filters: sediment, carbon, RO membrane, DI resin.

There are two carbon filters available for this system. Tucker recommends the Chloramine Killer carbon filter for the best protection and life of your RO membrane. It removes more harmful chloramine than a standard carbon filter.

The Tucker S4 Cart will produce more water than other systems. This is because of the ultra-high flow RO membrane, available only from Tucker.


  • 4-stage RO/DI system
  • Easy set up and use
  • Clear sediment and carbon canisters
  • Can be transported or operated laying down
  • Made in the USA


  • Sturdy powder-coated steel frame with no-flat wheels
  • Large and small filter wrenches
  • Replacement o-rings
  • Hand-held TDS meter
  • (1) 10 inch sediment filter, (1) 10 inch carbon filter, (1) 40 inch RO membrane, (1) 10 inch DI filter

The waterpole and accessories are sold separately. Not sure what waterpole to add? Email or give us a call, and we’ll be happy to help you build the perfect Pure Water package.

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