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Tucker Alpha Scrubbers

Tucker Alpha Scrubbers



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The Tucker Alpha Scrubber is a revolutionary Pure Water tool that pairs a scrub pad holder with a swivel gooseneck and the Over the Top Rinse Bar. The rinse bar is full length, either 10 or 16 inches long, and features pencil holes all along the length of the bar for superior rinsing.

The Tucker Alpha Scrubber comes complete with a swivel gooseneck to adjust up and down as well as right or left and 10 durable, non-abrasive white scrub pads custom-made for the Tucker Alpha Scrubber.

Every Tucker Alpha Scrubber we sell also includes a male stem gooseneck piece to allow easy use with a Gardiner waterpole.

Available in 12 or 18 inch.

Replacement pads are also available.

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