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Sorbo Squeegee Glide

Sorbo Squeegee Glide



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Sorbo Squeegee Glide is a lubricant and water wetter to add to your preferred window cleaning soap. Improve your squeegee's glide across windows and keep your soap on the window longer.

A drop of Sörbo Glide makes the squeegee slide before the window dries!
How does it work? Sörbo Glide lubricant liquid stops water from drying in spots on the glass by providing a complete sheet of water. 

Use to reduce friction and slow evaporation, ideal in warm, dry climates. Combine with Sörbo Window Cleaning Soap to fine-tune and balance cleaning power, slip and evaporation time. 

Mixture for Use:  Add 1 cap full to two gallons of water (careful!  Do not add too much)
Size: 1 Pint

Sorbo Part No. 2105

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