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Sorbo Silicone Replacement Squeegee Rubber (50 Foot Roll)

Sorbo Silicone Replacement Squeegee Rubber (50 Foot Roll)



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Discover the Sorbo difference!

Sorbo invented the wide-body aluminum squeegee and makes high quality squeegee rubber used by professionals. Regular replacement of your squeegee rubbers is the best way to maintain flawless cleaning results. Replacing your squeegee rubber with Sorbo Natural Replacement Squeegee Rubber will always result in streak-free windows.

The Sorbo Silicone Replacement Squeegee Rubber was the first ever silicone extruded squeegee blade. It’s softer than natural rubber, so it’s self-lubricating and silky smooth on glass. It does not change or lose memory in extremely cold climates. It is resilient in temperatures below 0 degrees F and resists harsh conditions. It essentially stays fresh indefinitely. Reduce your stocking inventory, because this rubber can be cut to any length right when you need it.

The Sorbo Silicone Replacement Squeegee Rubber is available in 50 foot roll. This rubber is shipped in a plastic bag.

The Sorbo Silicone Replacement Squeegee Ruber is great for the Sorbo Eliminator squeegees. Cut it to any size!

Why Choose Sorbo Silicone Rubber?

Sorbo Samuelsson operated his own successful window cleaning business in Palm Desert, CA, for many years. During that time, he invented many time-saving, money-making tools and techniques. In the early 1980’s, Sorbo realize the tools he had invented and come to depend upon in his own business could, and should, benefit other window cleaners. Thus Sorbo Products, Inc. was born.

Sorbo’s passion for excellence has never wavered. He’s introduced many innovative tools to the window cleaning world. It all started with the 3X4 squeegees, so strong they’re available up to 78 inches! But there’s also game-changing tools like the Tricket for louvered windows. And the Multi-squeegee, for cutting your labor time in half on French pane windows.

The Sorbo name is synonymous with saving you time and making you more money!

What Squeegee Channels Will The Sorbo Silicone Rubber Fit?

The Sorbo Silicone Replacement Squeegee Rubber has a unique Single-T profile, made specifically for Sorbo channels. But it also fits many other popular brands of professional squeegees. It fits brass, stainless steel, and aluminum squeegees.

The Sorbo Silicone Replacement Squeegee Rubber is square cut on the ends.

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