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Sorbo 6 Inch Scraper w/Nylon Holster

Sorbo 6 Inch Scraper w/Nylon Holster



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The Sorbo 6 inch scraper was designed with the same mindset as the 3X4 squeegee system. It adapts to uneven glass surfaces because of the flexible razor blade, removing paint and dirt with every stroke. The scraper head pivots up and down from 0 to 72 degrees, depending on your needs. It is also possible to offset the blade to more of an L-shape, which allows you to get into tight places and behind obstacles. Scraper comes with one blade already installed.

This scraper comes complete with a brass-lined nylon holster made to fit all 6 inch scrapers. The holster attaches to a belt. It is also available by itself. See the related items below.

Replacement Parts

Blade Length 6 Inch
Blades SOR-2201
Holster ONLY SOR-2202

Caution: Blade is sharp! Always test scrapers in a small area before use, and use proper scraper safety measures.

Sorbo Part No. 2199

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