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Sorbo Leif Cart complete with Yellow Sorbo Bucket

Sorbo Leif Cart complete with Yellow Sorbo Bucket



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Bucket, and clips now included.  Bucket lid and tools not included.

The Sorbo Leif Cart is perfect for outside windows. Say sayonara to buckets on tiny casters. The Leif Cart, equipped with oversized wheels, is all about going over rough ground. This baby will roll over lawns, bumps, humps, and dips without complaints. It's designed so you don't have to lift your bucket from window to window. Get exterior windows done faster and save your back from heavy lifting at the same time. A professional window cleaner's workhorse, the Leif Cart rolls over rugged terrain. It accommodates most brand-name rectangular buckets on the market. Its patented self-leveling mount keeps the bucket perfectly balanced. It instantly compensates for sudden starts and stops. The Leif Cart perfect for tooling around doing exterior windows. The bucket is easily removed and the complete unit fits nicely in the trunk of your car.

This is the cart, yellow bucket and clip hangers.  Bucket lid and tools not included.


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