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SMC Yellow Edge Roller

SMC Yellow Edge Roller



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The SMC Roof Roller is specialized edge protection for right angle structural edges. The outer roller “reaches” out over the edge to protect your rope and reduce friction for the long haul.


  • Efficient rollers
  • Two 4 inch wide aluminum rollers
  • Holes for permanent mounting
  • Neoprene pad on the bottom
  • 5/8 inch steel axle
  • Color: yellow


Weight 3.5 pounds
Height 4.25 inch (10.8 cm)
Width 6.9 inch (17.5 cm)
Length 9.9 inch (25.1 cm)
Sheave 2.5 inch
Bearing Oilite

This edge roller is for a 90 degree surface. For an edge roller to fit on any angle surface, see the related items below.

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