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Sky Genie 2-point Sit Board with Cushion and Detachable Belt

Sky Genie 2-point Sit Board with Cushion and Detachable Belt



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Sky Genie equals safety and durability!

Sky Genie sit boards are made of 12x24 inch birch plywood with rounded corners to prevent snags and a reinforced bar underneath for added strength. They come with hooks and loops that can be reconfigured to your needs to secure tools while you work at height.

This model is suspended from 2 points, has a cushion with a detachable belt

Sky Genie Part No. BC-2U
2- or 4-point 2-point
Cushion Yes
Belt Detachable
Loops 2x Zinc
Snaps 3x Brass
Extras 2x Aluminum Parapet Glides

If you have questions about WORKING line versus SAFETY line or what OSHA-compliant components you need to safely do descent work, email us or give us a call. We can help you build a high rise system for your needs.

High Rise Disclaimer: Obtain proper instruction and training before using ladders and high rise equipment. Purchase does not infer that the purchaser has had any of the necessary training for proper use. Read all literature and complete all training BEFORE USE. All ladders and high rise equipment should be used in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines. Inspect before each use. Detroit Sponge & Chamois is not liable for damage or injury caused by misuse of ladders and high rise equipment.

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