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Sky Genie Complete 300 ft High Rise Descent Kit

Sky Genie Complete 300 ft High Rise Descent Kit



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A Complete Descent Kit For High Rise Work!

The Sky Genie high rise descent kit is compact and lightweight for easy carrying and storage. This system can be stored in ready-to-use condition with the belts and attachments in place. This saves you time in rigging, set up, and take down.

This kit includes the following items:

  • (1) 4-point sit board w/cushion and detachable belt (Sky Genie part no. BC-4U)
  • (1) large descent canister device (Sky Genie part no. DS-L)
  • (1) 300 foot ½ inch rope (Sky Genie part no. RP-L-300)
  • (2) auto-locking carabiners (Sky Genie part no. CB-1-OD-DL)
  • (1) white canvas sit board bag
  • (1) blue nylon bag for rope and descent canister

This kit comes with 300 feet of rope. Other lengths are also available.

This is a complete WORKING line kit. You will need an inspected and rated rigging point to attach to and a separate SAFETY line setup.

If you have questions about WORKING line versus SAFETY line or what OSHA-compliant components you need to safely do descent work, email us or give us a call. We can help you build a high rise system for your needs.

High Rise Disclaimer: Obtain proper instruction and training before using ladders and high rise equipment. Purchase does not infer that the purchaser has had any of the necessary training for proper use. Read all literature and complete all training BEFORE USE. All ladders and high rise equipment should be used in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines. Inspect before each use. Detroit Sponge & Chamois is not liable for damage or injury caused by misuse of ladders and high rise equipment.

Sky Genie part no. EB-4U-300

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