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Maykker Python Washer Complete

Maykker Python Washer Complete



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The Maykker Python Washer Complete is an innovation in the window cleaning scrubber market.

This scrubber will provide a different feel when you are using it in the field. With the innovative velcro attachment, there will be less slipping of the pad on the bar than with a normal t-bar and sleeve. This will increase your accuracy and allow for greater finesse when used in the field.

This unit comes complete with the following pieces:

Maykker Swivel T-bar

The Maykker swivel t-bar is lightweight and durable. It fits perfectly to the Handy Sleeve or all brands of washer sleeves. It is made with a durable plastic handle and an aluminum bar.

Maykker Handy Sleeve

The Handy Sleeve wraps tightly around the Maykker T-Bar, making it the perfect versatile tool for window cleaning and janitorial professionals.

Because of the tight tubular fit, the pounds per square inch of cleaning and scrubbing action is unequal to anything on the market.

A genuine velcro sleeve holds many different materials such as microfiber cloths, towels, scrubs, bronze/steel wool pads, and a lot of other materials, including the Python washer sleeve.

Whether detailing glass, cleaning frames, cleaning decals, etc. Drape a damp terry towel over your Handy Sleeve and you got yourself a great screen cleaner or even a floor mop. The uses for this tool are endless. The more you use it, the more things you find to do with it. It really is a “handy” tool that you won’t want to be without. Most users report that after using the Handy Sleeve for a time, they become addicted to it and can’t live without it. A great and versatile tool to have in your bag of tricks.

Maykker Python Washer Sleeve

The Maykker Python is a flat washer sleeve designed to wrap securely around the Handy Sleeve. This assembly system ensures superior and targeted scrubbing action, preventing the sloppy loose movement typically found in traditional style mop washer.

The Python is constructed from the highest quality microfiber available for maximum absorption and water retention. Also, because there are no ends to these washer sleeves, they will never blow out, as is also typical of more traditional style washer sleeves. Instead, the ends of the t-bar can be utilized with our replaceable Easy-Scrubs. In addition, the ends of the Python help keep water off the frames thereby minimizing the need for detailing.

The Python incorporates a smaller microfiber fiber tweed per square inch, giving it a more plush feel, which is sometimes desired for maintenance cleaning and bulletproof glass. It is also great for low E-Glass, where minimizing possible glass scratching is desirable.

Be sure never to re-soak you mop in dirty water when cleaning bulletproof or low E-glass. The Python is machine washable. Recommend cold water and air-dry.

The Python can be stored by way of rolling or folding, giving you greater storage options.

Maykker Easy Scrub (1 Pair)

The Easy Scrub is a bronze wool end scrubber with velcro on both sides for easy attachment. Use it with the Handy Sleeve or as a replacement for the Python Sleeve Complete.

Bronze wool is ideal for removing stubborn bird muck, pollen, and insect marks from glass. It is also ideal for conservatory rooves, cladding, and UPVC cleaning. The benefits of using the finest 0000 grade bronze wool is it will not scratch the glass, it cuts down the time spent on those stubborn marks, and unlike steel wool the bronze wool resists rust. The bronze wool Easy Scrub is reusable and designed to produce and maintain a professional looking finish.

Please note: The Easy Scrub is not recommended for use on painted surfaces, steel frames, leaded windows, self cleaning glass, or glass with a special coating or film.

Available in sizes 6, 14, and 18 inch.

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