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Pro Window Cleaner Starter Kit with Red Bucket

Pro Window Cleaner Starter Kit with Red Bucket



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Built By Window Cleaners, For Window Cleaners.

Are you looking to start a window cleaning business? Do you have one and need to bring on a new employee? Or are you a home owner just looking to clean windows like the professionals at the restaurant or the storefront down the street?

Well, we've listened, and we've put together a complete kit of some of our most popular window cleaning products. This kit is just what you need to pick up and start cleaning.

Who Is This Kit Built For?

This kit is for anyone who wants to clean windows, whether you’re a professional or picking up a squeegee for the first time. These tools are simple but quality grade, to last you for many, many cleanings.

What Kind Of Windows Can I Clean?

This kit is designed with residential window cleaning in mind, but don’t let that stop you from taking on any types of windows with it. This also makes a great kit for restaurants, storefronts, office buildings, etc. We have a variety of larger squeegees and washers available too.

Is This Everything I Need?

This kit is meant to be as complete as possible, but you may need other products or sizes to clean every window. Check out our extensive products listings, or give us a call if you’re looking for something specific.

This kit doesn’t include a pole, because we know different situations need different lengths of pole. We have poles available from 2 feet all the way up to 30 feet or more.

What If I Need To Reach High Windows?

Need a pole? We suggest the Ettore REA-C-H extension poles. They come in a wide variety of lengths, depending on your needs. They work with all of the tools in this kit, and all of the Ettore tools will lock on with their Click-lock system. See below in the Related Items to choose the right pole for your needs.

What If I Don’t Need Everything Included In The Kit?

Feel free to use this kit as a guide to build your own perfect window cleaning kit from our huge selection of window cleaning tools! If you’re just starting out, maybe you want to keep the cost down. Build your own kit with less sizes or different options. Give us a call and we can help you build the perfect kit for you.

Here’s A Full List Of The Items That Come In This Kit.

There’s a lot of great tools here!

  • (1) Ettore ergonomic swivel squeegee handle with quick release
  • (1) each of 6, 12, and 18 inch brass squeegee channels
  • (1) dozen Ettore 18 inch rubber
  • (1) 6 inch swivel washer complete
  • (1) 18 inch swivel washer complete
  • (12) blue recycled Huck towels
  • (6) 13x13 inch microfiber towels
  • (1) black nylon belt
  • (2) clips to hold towels
  • (1) blue Bucket on a Belt to hold squeegees and washers
  • (1) quart of Dazzle-100 high concentrated soap
  • (1) 8oz dispenser of Dazzle-100 for measuring
  • (1) red 6 gallon rectangular bucket with lid
  • (1) 20oz BioClean hard water stain remover
  • (1) 3-pack of bronze wool
  • (1) 6 inch window scraper & replacement blades
  • (1) track brush for window tracks

So Why Should You Choose The Pro Window Cleaning Starter Kit?

We’ve put the time into choosing the professional tools we get asked for the most so that you don’t have to guess. Here, you can find them all in one kit. We’re confident this kit will clean most windows and give you great results, whether for yourself or for your customers.

There’s a bunch more reasons to choose this kit too…

The PRO Kit Comes With A Great Selection Of Squeegee Sizes.

Ettore is a great professional line of tools. They’re squeegees and rubber are our best-selling brand. Find out why with the classic brass channel squeegee in 3 different sizes so you can clean any size window, even French panes. The handle is quick release, so channels easily slide in and out. Then, to keep you cleaning, there’s also a dozen 18 inch rubber in a handy storage tube. These rubbers can be cut down to the 6 and 12 inch sizes too.

The PRO Kit Comes With Washers For Most Size Windows.

Pulex is a quality line of professional tools. They have a specialty 6 inch washer that fits nicely into French panes and non-square windows. Then there’s an 18 inch washer for normal size windows. If you run into some heavier stains that don’t want to come off with the regular washer sleeve, try the Wiljer Blue Devil sleeve cover. It snaps in place and gives just the right amount of extra scrub.

Dry Sills And Edges With Quality, Lint-Free Towels.

Your squeegees will swipe the water from the windows, but if you need to detail the edges and sills, we’ve included our best-selling blue recycled Huck towels. These are the window cleaner’s choice. For extra absorption, there’s also the Ettore MicroSwipe microfiber towels. These towels are streak-free and lint-free.

Be sure not to wash these or your washer sleeves in a machine that uses fabric softener, because that can cause the towels to leave streaks. Don’t wash with other towels, like bath towels, either. Most towels wash up best in the sink with some dish soap or a little bit of vinegar.

Create A Belt System To Keep Your Tools Close At Hand.

Don’t go back to your bucket over and over. Keep your tools close at hand. The black nylon belt is sturdy and perfect for our Pulex red bucket on a belt. Use this hip bucket to hold your squeegee and washer when they’re not in use. There’s also two Hip Clips to hold your towels.

Use A Soap Designed For Cleaning Windows.

Our Dazzle-100 is specifically formulated for cleaning windows. It’s ammonia-free and won’t leave behind a residue on clear surfaces like some soaps. This residue can build up and cause windows to get dirty quicker. But not with Dazzle-100! Your windows will come out brilliant, streak-free, and stay cleaner longer. This kit includes a dispenser bottle to measure out the super-concentrated soap so that you don’t waste a bit.

Mix Your Soap In A Bucket That Will Fit Your Whole Washer.

The Pulex 6 gallon bucket is rectangular and long enough to fit the whole 18 inch washer in one dip. This bucket comes with clips to hang your tools on the sides when you’re not using them. It also includes the lids, so that storing your professional window cleaning tools is easy. Just make sure not to store your squeegees with the rubber blades in contact with anything. This could warp or leave nicks in the rubber blade.

Conquer Hard Water And Other Tough Stains With Professional-Grade Solutions.

Maybe the windows haven’t been cleaned in a while and they have build up from rain or sprinklers. If this is the case, and your washer can’t scrub through it, try some of these stain fighters we’ve included.

First, there’s the BioClean. This is a squeeze bottle of cleaning liquid with a non-abrasive pumice that’s safe for windows. It’s safe to use around plants and pets and children but still a really tough cleaner. Next, there’s the bronze wool. This bronze wool is super fine, so it won’t scratch windows, but it’s tough enough to scrub through most stuck on stains. Lastly, there’s the Ettore 6 inch scraper with extra scraper blades. This scraper is super sharp. Make sure to always use it in a straight, forward motion, and always test glass in a small area before use. Never use window scrapers on tempered glass or glass with tint.

Lastly, We’ve Included Some Brushes To Tidy Up.

The track brush is great for sweeping dirt and bugs out of window tracks. Use this before you clean the windows so the tracks are easy to dry when you’re finished.

The cobweb brush is a great add-on option for window cleaners. Its head is dome-shaped, and the flocked nylon bristles grab and hold cobwebs and accompanying dust.

Still Overwhelmed About Where To Start?

We’re happy to help. Feel free to contact us with any questions. You can also check out John Baxter’s How to Clean Windows Like the Pros book. You can find it in the Related Items below.

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