Moerman NXT-R Square-cut Replacement Squeegee Rubber (10-pack)

Moerman NXT-R Square-cut Replacement Squeegee Rubber (10-pack)



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Clean with EASE and precision!

Moerman’s high quality squeegee rubber is made for professionals. Regular replacement of your squeegee rubbers is the best way to maintain flawless cleaning results. This rubber is cut at a 90 degree angle to work with most standard squeegees.

  • Moerman’s own natural rubber recipe (not silicone based!)
  • Excellent performance & durability
  • Perfect glide
  • All-season rubber for top performance
  • Excellent clean on all types of windows
  • Unique turquoise color
  • Each rubber is manually inspected for guaranteed quality
  • Made in Europe
  • Fits in many different channels!

The Moerman NXT-R Square-cut Replacement Squeegee Rubber is available in a number of pre-cut lengths with a 90 degree edge on both ends. The Moerman NXT-R Square-cut Replacement Squeegee Rubber is sold here in (10) packs. This rubber is shipped in a plastic storage bag.

Available in 10, 12, 14, 18, and 22 inch pre-cut sizes.

Why Choose Moerman NXT-R Rubber?

Moerman has been around since 1885, developing and manufacturing quality cleaning tools for floors and windows. They are an innovative brand that has developed products to make window cleaning quicker and easier. Moerman tools are unique in the window cleaning field because of their team’s targeted product development and dedication to improving the tools available to window cleaners. They have become a powerhouse in window cleaning tools since the release of their popular Liquidator squeegees.

Moerman prides themselves on tools that use the EASE Value system:

  • Efficiency: Clean faster and make more money.
  • Amazing Results: Turn dirty windows into sparkling ones.
  • Safe: Safe for you and your customer’s property.
  • Ergonomic: That means it’s easier on you after a long day of cleaning.

What Squeegee Channels Will The Moerman NXT-R Square-Cut Rubber Fit?

All of Moerman’s squeegee rubber is round on the top. So it fits most brands of professional squeegees. It fits brass, stainless steel, and aluminum squeegees. It’s not compatible with Sorbo squeegees.

The Moerman NXT-R Square-cut Replacement Squeegee Rubber are cut to a 90 degree edge on the ends. So they work with most brands and styles of squeegees!

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