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nLite® PowerPad Complete

nLite® PowerPad Complete



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Innovation from Unger for all of your Pure Water window cleaning!

Clean faster, more effectively and easier with the PowerPad Complete from Unger

  • Easy to Grip handle for hand use also locks on to the Unger Locking pole tip
  • Rinse Bar is designed right into the unit, providing the best, uniform spray of water on the glass
  • Unger quality microfiber pad provides streak-free cleaning
  • Full swivel design for 360 degree movement for most effective and efficient contact with the glass surface
  • Handle can also be locked in 7 working positions, providing stability when needed
  • FULLY COMPATIBLE with Unger nLite®  and Optiloc®  pole systems
  • Easy to replace pad
  • Available in 14" and 18" sizes
  • PWH35 PWH45
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