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Fugu Gekko Pad

Fugu Gekko Pad



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The most aggressive pad available!

The Moerman Fugu GEKKO Pad is a blend of microfiber material and soft (yet agressive) scrubbing bristles.  This is the ultimate combination of cleaning surface!
Pad is designed to securely attach to the GEKKO pad holder and can be used inside and out for removing stains when washing.

  • Easy assembling: featuring 2 corner pockets and 2 velcro straps
  • Microfiber with hard bristles for extra cleaning power
  • Easy access into all corners
  • Trapezoidal design optimizes the drainage of dirty water
  • Total length 12 3/4 inches
  • Washable with No softener. Wash before use.

Keep your leg dry and improve your efficiency with the Moerman Drywalker Flex.


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