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Moerman Ultimate FUGU Squeegee 3.0 Complete

Moerman Ultimate FUGU Squeegee 3.0 Complete



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The Ultimate Combo Tool Now With FUGU Pad!

The Moerman Ultimate FUGU Squeegee 3.0 gives you all the fun and versatility of the regular Ultimate with the added scrubbing power of the FUGU pad.  Reduced wipe up, less tools on your person and a stylish technique still hold but now enjoy added scrubbing power! :

  • Efficiency: Clean faster and make more money.
  • Amazing Results: Turn dirty windows into sparkling ones.
  • Safe: Safe for you and your customer’s property.
  • Ergonomic: That means it’s easier on you after a long day of cleaning.


This product comes as a complete unit with all shown in the picture: the Liquidator 3.0 squeegee channel, NXT-R rubber, the F*LIQ FUGU wash pad, and the Excelerator 2.0 handle.


  • All-in-one squeegee and washer
  • Complete with Liquidator 3.0 channel, NXT-R rubber, FUGU F*LIQ pad, Excelerator 2.0 handle
  • Extreme angle range: -20⁰, -5⁰, +10⁰, +25⁰, +40⁰
  • Negative angles and thinner jaw allow for easier closing out
  • 100% high quality microfiber F*LIQ flat wash pad
  • Extra padding ensure high water retention
  • Works with the locking button on the Moerman pole tip
  • The Moerman Ultimate Squeegee now comes with the NXT-R rubber!

What Comes With The Moerman Ultimate Squeegee 3.0?

The Moerman Ultimate Squeegee 3.0 is a washer and squeegee in one, and it comes with the following parts:

Moerman Liquidator 3.0 Squeegee Channel

Recently Updated! If you’re tired of detailing the edges of windows and want to eliminate annoying water drops left behind in corners, look no further than the Liquidator 3.0 channel. The innovative 45 degree angles on the ends squeegees the window more efficiently, doing away with the need to detail. The new Liquidator 3.0 channel is updated and better than ever.

Moerman NXT-R Rubber

The NXT-R rubber is all-season, natural, turquoise (blue) rubber. It has excellent performance and durability, giving it perfect glide. It’s designed specifically for the Liquidator channels, with 45 degree cut ends for better detailing.

Moerman FUGU F*LIQ Flat Wash Pad

The FUGU F*LIQ pad is designed to click onto the Liquidator channel with specially made clips and a snap system sewn onto the pad. Thicker for water retention and beefed up with extra scrubbing fibers for more aggressive scrubbing, it flips up and down with a quick F*LIQ. F*LIQ to wash. Then F*LIQ to squeegee.

Moerman Excelerator 2.0 Squeegee Handle

The Excelerator 2.0 handle is comfortable in your hand and rigid on the squeegee to evenly distribute pressure along the channel. It can either freely pivot for lightning fast cleaning, or lock into place. The angle selector makes it easy to strive for the perfect no-detailing-needed edge. Use at mild or extreme angles: -20⁰, -5⁰, +10⁰, +25⁰, +40⁰. It features an improved locking button to change from swivel to locked, and fits all Moerman channels as well as most standard THIN channels in other brands.

Available in 10, 14, and 18 inch.

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