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Moerman Squeeze Deluxe Window Soap (17 oz)

Moerman Squeeze Deluxe Window Soap (17 oz)



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The Moerman Squeeze Deluxe Window Soap (17 oz) is a new, highly concentrated cleaner set to revolutionize the window cleaning industry. Instead of wasting product by adding it to the water in your bucket--and having it get sloshed out or dumped all over--this soap is designed for direct application to your washer sleeve.

Wet your mop as usual, then apply two to three measured doses via the specially designed, no-mess cap. The solution produces a generous froth on the glass for easy visibility when completing high-level pole work. It is easy to squeegee off with the fantastic glide it generates. The pleasant smell enables it to be used in customers' homes for indoor work.

The bottle was specially designed to fit perfectly into the side pocket of the Moerman Belt Pouch, keeping it handy for quick application throughout the job. Each application lasts for multiple windows.

Size: 17 oz

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