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Moerman F*LIQ Pad

Moerman F*LIQ Pad



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The Moerman F*LIQ Pad is an easy to clip-on and use washer that attaches to your Moerman 2.0. Flick it to wash, flick it to squeegee. Combine it with the Liquidator 2.0 channel and the Excelerator 2.0 handle for the ultimate window tool!

**** EFFICIENCY ****

  • Extra water absorption for longer washing
  • Don't lose time changing tools


  • Flat washer features: no drip on window frame
  • Best quality microfiber for better washing results

**** ERGONOMIC & SAFE ****

  • Lightweight for easy handling & convenience
  • Reliable locking and click-on parts

Available in 10, 14, and 18 inch. This is the PAD AND CLIPS ONLY!

NOTE: The Moerman F*LIQ Pad works best with the Moerman Liquidator 2.0 or 3.0.

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