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Moerman Bucket on a Belt Toolholder 1.0

Moerman Bucket on a Belt Toolholder 1.0



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Carry Your Tools With EASE!

The Moerman Toolholder 1.0 has multiple compartments to hold both squeegees and scrubbers. Keep your tools close and your leg dry while you work. Wear it on either side, as it works both left and right handed. It features a unique style of detachable clip.

The Moerman Toolholder 1.0 is made with the same principles as the rest of Moerman’s line of tools, the EASE principles:

  • Efficiency: Clean faster and make more money.
  • Amazing Results: Turn dirty windows into sparkling ones.
  • Safe: Safe for you and your customer’s property.
  • Ergonomic: That means it’s easier on you after a long day of cleaning.

Tools and belt are sold separately.


  • Safe, handy equipment storage
  • Fixed loop with male buckle
  • Holds 2 squeegees and 1 scrubber
  • Good for squeegees and scrubbers up to 18 inches
  • Works for both left- and right-handed window cleaners

What Tools Will Fit Into The Moerman Toolholder 1.0?

The Moerman Toolholder 1.0 holds most brands and styles of squeegees.

What will it hold?

  • All thin channel squeegees
  • The Moerman Liquidator channel
  • Squeegees and scrubbers up to 18 inches


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