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MIO Rope Grab with 3 ft Lanyard

MIO Rope Grab with 3 ft Lanyard



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The MIO Rope Grab with Lanyard is a patented self-trailing rope grab designed to provide fall protection for workers ascending or descending a vertical lifeline and are intended to be used as part of a complete fall arrest system. These MIO rope grabs can be easily attached, detached, and repositioned at any point on the vertical lifeline and automatically lock in place in case of a fall.

Applications for rope grabs include: window washing operations, protection of a worker on scaffolding, powered platforms, rope descend system, ladder climbing, construction, general industry and etc.


  • Durable, light weight stainless steel
  • Color ID for ease of identification and rope selection
  • 2 inch built-in safety ring prevents snaphook roll out
  • Energy absorbing in case of a fall
  • Does not damage rope when engaged
  • Made in USA

Available Sizes

  • Yellow = 5/16 inch
  • Blue = 1/2 inch
  • Black = 5/8 inch

This is the rope grab complete with a 3 foot lanyard, shock absorber, and a hook.

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