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Metallic Ladder 6 Foot Base with Swivel Safety Shoes

Metallic Ladder 6 Foot Base with Swivel Safety Shoes



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The perfect ladder for window cleaning!

We carry only Metallic Ladder sectional ladders, because they have the quality and reliability we demand from our vendors. Using box-girder side-rail construction and solid-cast fittings for superior rigidity and stability, Metallic Ladders are the right choice for the window cleaner’s needs. Easily transportable, these sectional ladders piece together quickly and easily on the job. Each section slips into the top of the one below it with yokes and secures with locking pins.

All of our Metallic Ladders are 6 foot sections. Keep in mind that one foot of length will be lost at each joint to provide the adequate overlap for safe assembly and use. So a full set of four 6 foot ladder sections will be 21 feet.

Assembled length of the section ladders is NOT to exceed 21 feet, which is four 6 foot sections (ie. 1 base, 2 center, 1 top). Top and center section pieces are NOT to be used as bases. Always secure ladders sections with locking pins during use. Maximum weight 250 pounds.

6 Foot Base With Swivel Safety Shoes

This is a 6 foot base with swiveling safety shoes for firmer footing. This is the most popular style base section.

Base sections are flared at the bottom for greater stability.

The 6 foot base is also available with just rubber plugs (see Metallic Ladder 6 Foot Base  Ladder Section below).

Notice From Metallic Ladder

Metallic Ladder Mfg. Corp. neither prohibits nor endorses the use of any specific accessories on our products. Any use of an accessory is the decision of the user. In the event that an accessory is used, it is to be used only in accordance with the instructions provided by the accessory manufacturer. Specific questions regarding accessory applications are to be directed to the accessory manufacturer.

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