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Maykker Hedgehog Washer Pad

Maykker Hedgehog Washer Pad



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Introducing the Hedgehog, a washer & scrub pad combined!

The bristled Maykker Hedgehog Washer Pad is designed to give you the extra scrubbing power you need on really dirty glass.

This sleeve is made to work with the Maykker HandySleeve as the Maykker Hedgehog Washer Pad will wrap around the HandySleeve and attach like velcro. The Maykker Hedgehog Washer Pad is a different approach to the traditional window cleaning scrubber. The secure velcro attachment of the Hedgehog eliminates the slip and rotation of traditionally shaped window cleaning sleeves.

Also, most sleeves wear out when they "blow out" at the ends. Because there are no ends on the Maykker window washer pads, this won't happen. Furthermore, the ends can be turned into an extra source of abrasion with the EasyScrub from Maykker. The ends of these washer pads also keep water off the water frames and minimize the need for detailing.

The Maykker Hedgehog Washer Pad is constructed from the highest quality microfiber available for maximum absorption and water retention. It incorporates thin abrasive nylon spines throughout the microfiber pile (like a hedgehog!). These tiny quills enable an extra punch for removing tough debris on glass surfaces, making the Maykker Hedgehog Wa(more...)

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