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Ladder Bonnet 2.0

Ladder Bonnet 2.0



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New updated Ladder Bonnet. Your customers will appreciate you using our soft fabric Ladder Bonnet. Protect the surfaces your ladder comes into contact with. The Ladder Bonnet is designed for vee groove top sectional ladders. The ladder bonnet features a strings to attach to the ladder as well as a velcro strap to help ensure it stays in place.

  • The interior is lined with ballistic nylon for exceptional wear and maximum durability.
  • From Wikipedia - Ballistic nylon was originally developed by the Dupont corporation for flak jackets for World War II airmen. The name of this nylon speaks to its origin; its intent was to protect the airmen from flying debris and fragmentation caused by bullet and artillery-shell impacts.

These ladder bonnets pair well with the top sections of Metallic ladders we carry at Detroit Sponge.

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