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Kong X-Large Twist-Lock Lunar White Carbon Steel ANSI Carabiner

Kong X-Large Twist-Lock Lunar White Carbon Steel ANSI Carabiner



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The Kong X-large Twist-Lock Carbon Steel Carabiner is high-load ANSI certified with two-movement unlock. It is an asymmetrical connector with a wide opening and high tensile strength. The D-shape prevents carabiner rotation and allows the load to be distributed along the major axis.

Equipped with the Keylock System that prevents any accidental entanglement in the rope or anchor point.

New!! LUNAR WHITE Zinc-Nickel treatment:

  • Double corrosion resistance
  • Greater resistance to scratches
  • Longer life
  • Less friction on cords and textile devices
  • Uniform finish
  • Modern look
  • Item H-C182W

* Compared to the black zinc plating.


Shape Asymmetric (designed to orient the load in a predetermined direction on the connector’s body)
Material Carbon steel (mixture of high strength & low cost)
Coating Lunar white zinc-nickel
Sleeve Style Twist-lock (2 movements)
Overall Size 0.47 x 3.01 x 4.49 inches
Gate Size 0.98 inches
ANSI Certified Yes

Made in Italy.

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