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Gardiner Xtreme X3 HiMod Waterpole

Gardiner Xtreme X3 HiMod Waterpole



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Excellent Rigidity And Strength In The Lightest Weight!

The Gardiner Xtreme X3 HiMod is a telescoping waterpole made of 100% High Modulus carbonfiber. It features Gardiner’s patented Smart Clamps that are super easy to use and the hold sections in place without spinning. The insulated outer handle section is suitable for resisting up to 5,000V.

The Gardiner Xtreme X3 HiMod is shown here with red brush jets for contrast. Your Gardiner waterpole will come with one pair of black 2mm pencil jets.

Why Buy A Gardiner Waterpole?

There are a lot of different brands of waterpole available. So why should you buy a Gardiner waterpole?

Gardiner Pole Systems was founded in 2005 by window cleaners who wanted to make Pure Water cleaning more accessible and offer the best quality, best performing products at great prices. They’re a family run business with a worldwide reputation of excellent customer service and quality products. They’re the #1 waterpole brand in the UK, and they’re our #1 selling waterpole here in the US.

We’re confident in their longstanding brand, so much so we back it up with our Love it or Return it satisfaction guarantee. If you purchase a Gardiner waterpole or accessory and you don’t absolutely love it, contact us to return it for a full product refund.

Many of Gardiner’s products are innovative and unique in the Pure Water industry—like their square lock system and their quick-changing capsule-style brush jets.

What’s The Gardiner Square Lock System?

All of Gardiner’s waterpoles use the Gardiner square lock system. The square lock gooseneck snaps into the square lock brush socket and is held together with a metal button to keep it from coming loose.

The Gardiner square lock system gives you a firm attachment that won’t come loose like Euro thread fittings. So your brush will always stay in place and won’t spin around.

What’s The Gardiner Brush Capsule System?

Most brush jets are pressed into the brush block and difficult, if not impossible, to change once they’re installed. Gardiner has found a solution to this problem with their quick-changing capsule-style brush jets. These capsules twist in and out with ease, or you can use the capsule widget to make it even quicker and easier.

Your Gardiner brush will come with two black 2mm pencil jets already installed. But don’t let that limit you. Try the smaller 1.4mm pencil jets (blue) or the larger 3mm pencil jets (green). There are also fan jets available in either 50 degree (red) or 100 degree (grey).

With brush jets that are so easy to change, you can try them all!

Why Is This Waterpole So Much More Expensive Than An Aluminum Pole??

Aluminum extension poles are great for short lengths, but they’re heavy and they’re only available up to about 30 feet. Now, compare that to a pole that’s more advanced, with carbonfiber technology.

You won’t believe how much lighter and more rigid the Gardiner Xtreme X3 HiMod waterpole is compared to an aluminum extension pole. Just compare the 7-section Xtreme 35 foot that weighs less than 4 pounds to a 30 foot, 5-section aluminum pole coming in at 8 pounds! That’s more than twice as much! That’s a difference you’ll feel after working all day. The Gardiner Xtreme X3 HiMod waterpoles will also flex less, giving you more control and less fatigue from all of the extra movement.

The Gardiner Xtreme X3 HiMod is an ideal waterpole for those with injuries or strain-related issues.

That’s why our Gardiner waterpoles are so popular for Pure Water cleaning AND traditional cleaning!

Which Style Of Gardiner Waterpole Should I Choose?

There are several different styles of Gardiner waterpoles, the Xtreme X3 HiMod is just one of them. Which waterpole you choose will depend on your cleaning needs.

The most important considerations are HEIGHT and BUDGET.

The Gardiner Xtreme HiMod waterpoles are available up to 47 feet. That’s 52 feet of working height. This will allow you to clean up to 5 stories, which will cover all residential houses and many commercial buildings, like apartments or office buildings.

If you’re looking to clean higher than 47 feet, you can add carbonfiber or HiMod #10 modular sections to your 47 foot Xtreme. These sections are modular, meaning you don’t leave them on the pole all the time, just when you’re using them, but you can add multiples of them to the pole because they fit onto a #9 section and then onto one another. We only recommend up to 3 of the carbonfiber modular #10, but you can build your pole up to 80 or 90 feet with the HiMod modular sections!

The Gardiner Xtreme waterpoles are the high-range of price and materials available from Gardiner, because they’re 100% High Modulus carbonfiber. This makes them a great pole for the highest working heights. If you’re looking for something a little less expensive, a shorter pole in the Gardiner SLX or CLX is a good option.

What Sizes Of The Gardiner Xtreme Are Available?

The waterpole sizes listed are the fully extended physical length. Working height can be estimated by adding another 5 feet.

  • The Xtreme 18 foot is 4-section and about 1.68 pounds.
  • The Xtreme 22 foot is 5-section and about 2.18 pounds.
  • The Xtreme 25 foot is 5-section and about 2.43 pounds.
  • The Xtreme 35 foot is 7-section and about 3.64 pounds.
  • The Xtreme 47 foot is 9-section and about 5.29 pounds.

Replacement sections are available for the Xtreme waterpoles with shorter sections (18 and 22 foot), but they may be special order.

Longer waterpoles (25, 35, and 47 foot) have 6 foot sections. We have replacement sections available in stock for these poles.

What’s Included With The Gardiner Xtreme?

This is no bare bones waterpole. It comes complete with everything you need to hook up to any Pure Water system on the market and start cleaning right out of the box.

  • 10 inch Gardiner Xtreme brush w/2 pencil jets and square lock socket
  • Adjustable gooseneck that clamps into the #1 section and attaches with a square lock to a brush
  • Gardiner 5/16 inch yellow, all-season waterpole hose
  • Quick connect adapters to hook up to a Pure Water system
  • Gardiner Pole Assembly info flyer

Does The Gardiner Xtreme HiMod Come With Everything I Need To Start Cleaning?

The items listed above are a complete kit to make your waterpole ready to clean right out of the box, but for certain jobs, you may find you need other accessories to be more efficient. What kind of accessories are available?

Scrub Pad Holders And Pads

Maybe you have a first time cleaning or windows with stuff like bird droppings or hard water stains that doesn’t come off with just brush bristles. For this, you can add a scrub pad holder or the Gardiner Super Scraper. These items are listed in the Pure Water Accessories category.


We include the Gardiner Super Lite brush because it is our best-selling brush. It’s a great all-around brush because of the medium stiffness bristles and the dual trim setup. But don’t let that limit you. Gardiner has a ton of great brushes available. Wider brushes, sill brushes, TaperTec brushes—you’re sure to find the perfect brush for your needs. They’re all listed in the Waterpole Brushes category.


Gardiner has a variety of goosenecks available, some with an extra swivel point, some which are longer for deep ledges. That’s why we have a whole category for Waterpole Goosenecks.

Brush Jets

Gardiner’s innovative capsule-style brush jets are so easy to change that you can keep a few different styles on hand to handle any job. There are three different sizes of pencil jet, giving you more or less spray. There’s also two sizes of fan jets. Fan jets are good for hydrophobic windows where the water doesn’t sheet nicely and it instead beads up like a freshly waxed car. This isn’t ideal for clean rinsing, meaning you have to clean slower. But fan jets help with this, so you can clean faster and do more windows in the same amount of time. Brush jets are listed in the Pure Water Accessories category.

Brush Sockets

We have sockets for your brush that change the angle or add an extra swivel. Brush sockets are listed in the Pure Water Accessories category.

A Nearly Endless Selection Of Fittings And Accessories!

This list barely touches all of the pieces that are available to complement your waterpole. Browse our selection or give us a call and we can help you find a solution to your problem.

Pure Water System

Keep in mind this is the waterpole only. Choose a Pure Water system to pair up with your waterpole to clean with spot-free results. These are listed in the Pure Water Systems category.

Why Isn’t This Waterpole Complete With A Pure Water System?

The waterpole and the Pure Water system both have a number of options to consider. That’s why we offer them separately. They’re also available in packages on the Pure Water Packages page.

If you’d like assistance in pairing together the perfect waterpole and Pure Water system for your needs, give us a call. We’re happy to help!

Are Replacement Parts Available?

Yes! We have all of the replacement parts for your Gardiner waterpole. See the related items below, including the following:

  • Replacement pole sections
  • Replacement end caps
  • Replacement collars w/levers
  • Replacement levers only
  • Replacement quick connect adapters & fittings
  • Additional hose

Many of these items are listed on our website. Give us a call if you have trouble finding the replacement part you’re looking for.

Have You Tried Using A Gardiner Waterpole As A TRAD Pole?

Have you tried using your Gardiner waterpole with traditional window cleaning tools? It’s easy to setup, because there are adapters to fit your favorite brand of pole tip—Ettore, Unger, or Moerman.

Or How About Adding On Gutter Cleaning?

Have you tried using your Gardiner waterpole to clean gutters? We have add-on accessories for that too!

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