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Gardiner Reinforced pole hose

Gardiner Reinforced pole hose



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This waterpole hose is bright yellow and made for use with cold or warm water only (14F to 86F). Great for use in all weather. It stays flexible in winter and robust in summer.

High Quality Pole Hose

New Formulation - UK Manufactured

  • Yellow dual-layer reinforced construction 9mm outer diameter 5mm inner diameter
  • More flexible than standard PVC pole hose
  • Uses reinforcement to cope with extra flexibility of this hose
  • 36% heavier than standard pole hose

This hose has a 5mm inner diameter and a 9mm outer diameter.


This is the hose only with NO fittings

Use with GP-775, GP-3850 to adapt for use with GP-3250 or GP-725

Also - many customers are using these with the EZ Snap fittings.


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