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Gardiner Gooseneck Valve

Gardiner Gooseneck Valve



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Control is not letting go!

If you haven't tried the Gardiner Gooseneck Valve, what's stopping you? This gooseneck has a built-in on/off valve that will change the way you clean. Never worry about going back to your Pure Water system to turn the water on and off again. This will help you clean quicker and more efficiently. "Control is not letting go" means you maintain full two-handed control of your waterpole while controlling the flow. And the Gardiner Gooseneck Valve uses Gardiner's patented Square Lock system, so your brush will never spin loose like a Euro thread.


  • Gardiner Gooseneck Valve with Twist Action and Patented Inner Valve Technology.
  • Control is not letting go: Maintain full two-hand control of the pole while controlling the water flow.
  • Simple and fast twist to actuate action: Twist clockwise on the handle to open and twist counter-clockwise on the handle to close.
  • Tap on at the top LH corner of the window and tap off on the bottom RH corner.
  • Adjustable Tension Control to allow for different brush sizes and pole heights.
  • Maximum recommended pole height is 50 feet.
  • Maximum recommended water temperature 158 degrees F.
  • Can be operated with your hand for use on ground floor windows.
  • Improves speed of water control compared to a manual valve.
  • Square Lock brush connection for firm fit without loosing like Euro thread connections.
  • Suitable for pumped water up to 100psi.
  • Weighs only 4.6oz, only about 1oz more than a standard gooseneck.
  • No servicing needed: no o-rings to grease or grub screws to adjust.
  • Not suitable for use with caustic chemicals such as Sodium Hypochlorite.
  • Not compatible with swivel goosenecks or gutter scoops.
  • Not compatible with scrub pad holders and adapters.

Fitting Instructions:

  1. Remove old gooseneck from the pole.
  2. Take the hose coming up the pole and push-fit into the 8mm push-fit union connector on the base of the Gardiner Gooseneck Valve hose assembly.
  3. Slide the Gardiner Gooseneck Valve into the top of the pole, push fully in and close the top clamp. Ensure that the top pole clamp is firmly tightened so that it holds the gooseneck valve base with it being able to spin.
  4. Fit a brush to the top of the gooseneck valve's Square Lock and connect the brush T-connector to the top piece of tube from the Gardiner Gooseneck Valve.
  5. Before first use: Ensure that all of the pole clamps are correctly tightened. It is important that the pole clamps firmly clamp the pole sections when using this valve so none can spin.
  6. Adjust the Gardiner Gooseneck Valve adjuster so that it operates with the desired force needed. TIP: When working at height this will need to be loosened off compared to ground and first floor work.

How to Operate:

  1. Extend the pole to the window, position the brush in the top left hand corner of the window, and twist the pole to the right (clockwise from the pole base).
  2. When finished, position the brush head on the bottom right hand corner of the window and twist the pole to the left (counter-clockwise from the pole base).
  3. Move to the next window and repeat.


  • Water is not flowing through the Gardiner Gooseneck Valve: Ensure that the device is turned on. Check the device is not frozen (it could have a dirt blockage). To clear, remove the device from the pole, turn around, and connect the top hose to the pole hose and flush the dirt out.
  • Water is not shutting off with the Gardiner Gooseneck Valve: Ensure that the device is firmly clamped in the top section of the pole and not spinning. The unit could also have a dirt blockage to clear. Remove the gooseneck from the pole turn around and connect the top hose to the pole hose and flush dirt out.
  • The Gardiner Gooseneck Valve is too stiff to operate: Loosen the bolt cap adjuster until desired tension is reached.
  • The Gardiner Gooseneck Valve is too loose and turns off too easily: Tight the bolt cap adjuster until the desired tension is reached.
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