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Gardiner 3-way T-fitting

Gardiner 3-way T-fitting



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Part No. GP-3150
Inlet Female 5/16" Push-fit
Outlet x2 Female 6mm Push-fit
Features Splitter

This t-fitting is 5/16 inch (8mm) on the inlet but 6mm on the two outlets. It is a replacement t-fitting for Gardiner 10 inch brushes. If you have a Tucker brush, use the Tucker t-fitting. For a stronger connection that won't accidentally come lose, use the red safety end clips. See the related items below.

This fitting doesn't include any hose.

There's also a 5-way t-fitting available for Gardiner 14 and 18 inch brushes with two sets of jets.

This fitting includes a red safety end clip on the inlet.


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