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Gardiner 10 Inch Supreme Medium-soft DuPont TaperTec Hybrid Capsule Brush (1 set pencil)

Gardiner 10 Inch Supreme Medium-soft DuPont TaperTec Hybrid Capsule Brush (1 set pencil)



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Longer Bristles For Supreme Coverage!

The Gardiner 10 inch Supreme DuPont TaperTec Hybrid brush is an advanced dual trim brush with lots of features.

This is Gardiner’s Supreme brush which means it comes with extra-long, wide-splaying outer bristles. So it feel very soft and glides easily across glass while still providing some sill cleaning ability. Only minimum pressure is needed to achieve a wide splay of the bristles, with low chance of frame impact due to the compact, rounded-edge brush block.

It has TaperTec Hybrid bristles, meaning they’re finely tapered synthetic bristles with a dual height and dual bristle tip type. The very finely tapered bristles mimic the effect of a natural bristles material such as boar’s hair, but with greater consistency. This allows for a soft feel that reacts on a very minute level with dirt adhering to the glass surface. The slightly shorter, blunt-end bristles in each bunch can then act more aggressively when pushed slightly harder onto the glass.

The bristles are made of DuPont Nylon. This nylon has greater moisture absorbing capabilities than standard polyester bristles, which coupled with a fine bristles tip allows the bristles to quickly dislodge dirt from the glass surface with minimal pressure.

When you add these features together, you’ll get a soft brush with great splay, great water retention, and great heavy duty cleaning.


  • Supreme Brush Style: This style brush has long, soft, extra-wide splaying bristles and a compact, rounded-edge brush block. It feels very soft and easy on the glass while also providing some sill cleaning ability. Minimum pressure is needed to achieve and easy splay of the bristles with low frame impact due to the compact, rounded design.
  • Dual Trim: Inner bristles are a shorter length, allowing for easy splay.
  • TaperTec Hybrid: Finely tapered synthetic bristles with dual height and dual bristle tip type. The very finely tapered bristles perform like natural bristles, but with greater consistency.
  • DuPont Nylon: Better absorption than polyester bristles, provides heavy cleaning with minimal pressure.
  • Medium-soft bristles: Outer bristles medium, inner bristles softer
  • Suitable for rinsing on the glass
  • Cold water use: Use with water temperatures of 86 degrees F or less
  • Bare weight: 6oz
  • Block length: 10 inches
  • Average lifespan: Up to 6 months
  • Best use: Regular cleaning with excellent results!

If using fan jets, some bristles may need trimming for full spray width

What’s The Gardiner Square Lock System?

All of Gardiner’s brushes use the Gardiner square lock system. The square lock gooseneck snaps into the square lock brush socket on this brush and is held together with a metal button to keep it from coming loose.

The Gardiner square lock system gives you a firm attachment that won’t come loose like Euro thread fittings. So your brush will always stay in place and won’t spin around.

What’s The Gardiner Brush Capsule System?

Most brush jets are pressed into the brush block and difficult, if not impossible, to change once they’re installed. Gardiner has found a solution to this problem with their quick-changing capsule-style brush jets. These capsules twist in and out with ease, or you can use the capsule widget to make it even quicker and easier.

Your Gardiner brush will come with two black 2mm pencil jets already installed. But don’t let that limit you. Try the smaller 1.4mm pencil jets (blue) or the larger 3mm pencil jets (green). There are also fan jets available in either 50 degree (red) or 100 degree (grey).

With brush jets that are so easy to change, you can try them all!

What Comes With The Gardiner Supreme Brush?

The product listing is for one brush. Two are shown in the image for a better representation of the bristles. Also included are the following:

  • One Square Lock brush socket (installed)
  • One pair of black capsule-style pencil jets (2mm)
  • One 3-way t-fitting with clear 6mm hose (not pictured)

Why Is The Brush Important For Pure Water Cleaning?

The brush is the main point of contact between you and the window. The bristles scrub the dirt off before the Pure Water can rinse it away. You want bristles that can splay out over the window for good cleaning coverage. Different shapes of brush or types of bristles can make a difference on how the brush cleans. See the Waterpole Brushes category for other brush options.

What’s Hydrophobic Glass?

Most windows create a nice sheeting action during rinsing. This allows for a thorough cleaning of the glass surface, leaving no spots behind.

Sometimes, windows don’t rinse as easily, the water beads and doesn’t rinse as completely. These windows are referred to as hydrophobic.

There are a number of ways to combat hydrophobic glass:

  • Bronze scrub pads can help bring a window back to hydrophilic.
  • Fan jets can help, with their fine spray pattern.
  • A rinse bar can help, by giving you more complete, even glass coverage.

These add-on options are listed below in the related items.

What About Really Dirty, First-Time Cleanings?

Sometimes, the brush alone isn’t enough to clean really dirty windows that haven’t been cleaned in a while. There may be hard water stains, bugs, bird droppings, or other environmental contaminants stuck to the glass. The brush is made to lift dirt from the glass to allow the water to flush it away, but sometimes the brush needs more help.

Gardiner has a couple of helpful accessories to clean really dirty windows:

  • Gardiner Swivel Pad Holder w/Square Lock: Attach to your gooseneck and add the scrub pad of your choice (we suggest the bronze wool pads). Add the Gardiner Square Lock Double Adapter to use your brush and scrub pad holder at the same time.
  • Gardiner Super Scraper: Available for different style goosenecks and in regular or long lengths. Use it as a plastic window scraper, or attach the included scrub pad for focused cleaning.

Keep in mind: Stains that have been sitting on windows for long periods may require chemicals specific to the stain. Hard water stains can etch into glass over time. Once a window is etched, it can only be machined or replaced.


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