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Ettore Sidekick Holster Bucket on a Belt w/Detachable Clip

Ettore Sidekick Holster Bucket on a Belt w/Detachable Clip



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Put your bucket on your hip!

The Ettore Sidekick Holster keeps your tools close at hand, eliminating the need to go up and down ladders or constantly back to your soap bucket. This toolholder holds one squeegee and one scrubber. It’s designed of durable, high-impact plastic to hold water, keeping your tools close and your leg dry. It works just as well for left- or right-handed use.

Tools and belt are sold separately.


  • Detachable clip to remove the BOAB without removing your belt
  • Convenient tool storage
  • Catches drips, keeping your leg dry
  • Holds one squeegee and one scrubber
  • Works for both left- and right-handed window cleaners

What tools will fit into the Ettore Sidekick Holster?

The Ettore Sidekick Holster holds most brands of thin channel squeegees.

What will it hold?

  • Standard, thin channel squeegees (brass and stainless steel)
  • Squeegees and scrubbers up to 18 inches

The Ettore Sidekick Holster is also available with a loop. See the related items below.

Ettore Part No. 02041

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