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Ettore REA-C-H Aluminum Telescopic Extension Pole

Ettore REA-C-H Aluminum Telescopic Extension Pole



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Extended Length and Number of sections

Extend your REA-C-H!

The Ettore REA-C-H Aluminum Telescopic Extension Pole features ribbed aluminum sections for better grip and rigidity and a two-piece collar design with replaceable inner and outer threads. It comes with an Ettore Pro+ Pole Tip (1700) with a locking button that’s very versatile for attaching many different tools.

Work safely from the ground, eliminating the need for climbing or ladders!

How long is this pole?

The Ettore REA-C-H pole comes in ten different sizes and have varying numbers of sections, from 1-section to 4-sections. The size listed is the fully EXTENDED LENGTH. To figure out the collapsed length, divide the listed size by the number of sections. Then add on some extra to account for the pole tip and collar(s).

Example: The 4 foot, 2-section pole would collapse down to about 32 inches.


The 2 foot, 1-section pole does not extend or collapse. This is just a 2 foot handle with the same Ettore Pro+ Pole Tip (1700) as the longer extension poles and no collars.


The 2-section Ettore REA-C-H pole is available in three sizes:

  • 4 foot, 2-section
  • 8 foot, 2-section
  • 12 foot, 2-section


The 3-section Ettore REA-C-H pole is available in four sizes:

  • 9 foot, 3-section
  • 12 foot, 3-section
  • 15 foot, 3-section
  • 18 foot, 3-section


The 4-section Ettore REA-C-H pole is available in two sizes:

  • 18 foot, 4-section
  • 24 foot, 4-section

What Tools Fit Onto This Pole?

The Ettore Pro+ Pole Tip (1700) is the pole tip that comes on the end of the REA-C-H pole. It attaches in three different ways:

Friction Fit

The top of the pole tip is tapered. This allows you to attach tools (like most window cleaning tools) with a friction fit. Push the tool’s handle onto the pole tip and give it a twist while pushing it on. This will give a firm connection that stays in place and is easy to remove with a simple pull and twist.

Standard ACME Thread

Many dusters use this common, wide thread that’s on the very end of the pole tip.

Locking Button

The Pro+ locking button works with ALL Ettore tools.

NOTE: The locking button on the Ettore Pro+ Pole Tip is specific to Ettore tools. For other brands, you’ll want to use the friction fit or ACME thread option, depending on the tool.

Are Replacement Parts Available For This Pole?

Yes! All parts of the Ettore REA-C-H poles are replaceable. The most common replacement pieces are listed below:

  • Ettore Pro+ Pole Tip (1700)
  • 2-section (Small) Cone & Clamp Assembly (1908)
  • 3-section (Large) Cone & Clamp Assembly (1910)
  • 4-section (X-Large) Cone & Clamp Assembly (1950)
  • 2-section Pole Grip (1904)
  • 3-section Pole Grip (1906)
  • 4-section Pole Grip (1909)

You can find these pieces listed in the related items at the bottom of the page.

What If I Can’t Get The Right Cleaning Angle? What If I Need To Reach Into A Small Ledge?

If you need a little room for adjustment while you’re working up high, try the Ettore Pro+ Click-on Angle Adapter. It’s designed specifically to work with the Ettore REA-C-H pole. You can find it listed in the related items at the bottom of the page. Adjust and lock the adapter in place to nearly any angle, and it will give you a little extra reach to clean all the way to the bottom of windows with ledges.

Some poles sizes are no longer listed in our catalog or on our website because they have become very costly to ship. Some longer poles may still be available for special order. Call or email us for sizes and pricing.

Available in 1, 2, 3, or 4-section poles in various lengths.

Available in 2 foot 1-section, 4 foot 2-section, 8 foot 2-section, 9 foot 3-section, 12 foot 2-section, 12 foot 3-section, 15 foot 3-section, 18 foot 3-section, 18 foot 4-section, and 24 foot 4-section.

Ettore Part Nos. 42102, 42104, 42108, 1680, 42112, 1684, 1688, 1692, 44218, 44224

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Scott Britton
As advertised

Great pole I only
wish they had trackers on them.