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Unger ErgoTec Professional Window Cleaning Kit with Carrying Case

Unger ErgoTec Professional Window Cleaning Kit with Carrying Case



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Pro Tools To Clean Windows To A Streak-Free Shine!

Professionals trust Unger because they’ve been delivering on their promise of Quality Tools for Smart Cleaning for over 50 years. Their tools are second to none.

With the Unger ErgoTec Window Cleaning Kit, you can make cleaning windows quicker and easier. This kit is perfect for home owners or professionals alike, and those with any level of window cleaning skills. It is filled with high tech professional window cleaning tools from the Unger ErgoTec line. All of the pieces work well together and complement one another. They all lock onto the Unger ErgoTec Locking Cone pole tip included with the OptiLoc aluminum extension pole. So there are no worries or tools coming loose or falling off while you work.

The Unger ErgoTec Window Cleaning Kit has the tools you need to start cleaning windows!

What Comes In The Unger ErgoTec Window Cleaning Kit?

This kit includes the following items:

  • (1) 10 inch stainless steel “S” squeegee channel (NE250)
  • (1) 14 inch stainless steel “S” squeegee channel (NE350)
  • (1) 18 inch stainless steel “S” squeegee channel (NE450)
  • (1) ErgoTec quick release squeegee handle (ETG00)
  • (1) piece of 36 inch ErgoTec replacement squeegee rubber (RT920)
  • (1) case of plastic squeegee channels clips (PCLIP)
  • (1) 14 inch Microfiber StripWasher sleeve (NS350)
  • (1) 14 inch ErgoTec t-bar (EH350)
  • (1) 4 inch ErgoTec Glass Scraper (EG100)
  • (3) 16 x 16 inch MicroWipe cloths (MF40L)
  • (1) OptiLoc 8 foot 2-section aluminum extension pole (EZ250)
  • (10) The Pill glass cleaner tablets
  • (1) Nylon carrying case

The 36 inch piece of squeegee rubber can be cut down and used as a replacement for any of the squeegee channels.

Why Should You Choose The Unger ErgoTec Window Cleaning Kit?

This kit is perfect for professionals or home owners alike, those with lots of experience or none at all. Made up of professional grade tools for long life even with heavy everyday use, this kit will last and make you look like a professional while you work.

The squeegees and washer are the right size for most residential or commercial windows. They are an easy size to use for those new to window cleaning.

The Pills are pre-measured and individually packaged. Mix one tablet with 2.5 gallons of water and you’re ready to start cleaning.

This kit includes a convenient carrying case to carry and store your tools.

Squeegee Care Pro Tip

Be careful when storing squeegees. For the longest squeegee rubber life, make sure it is stored in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight. Also, make sure the rubber blade is not stored rubbing against anything. This may nick or distort the squeegee’s precise cleaning edge.

This pro squeegee has replacement rubber available if the cleaning edge gets damaged or if the rubber starts to wear out. See the related items below.

Washer Care Pro Tip

This professional grade washer sleeve will last many cleanings, but be sure not to wash it in a machine that uses fabric softener. This can cause streaks on windows. Washer sleeves can be easily washed by hand with just water or a mild dish soap. If the washer sleeve starts to get musty, you can clean it with some vinegar.

This pro washer has a replacement washer sleeve available for when the sleeve starts to wear out. See the related items below.

Scraper Usage Pro Tip

The Unger 4 inch Glass Scraper is handy for stuck on debris, but any window scraper requires caution to use safely. Keep this tips in mind when working with the scraper:

  • CAUTION sharp blade: Window scrapers have razor sharp blades. Be careful while using a window scraper.
  • Beware of Tempered Glass: Never use a window scraper on tempered glass, because of the manufacturing process for tempered glass, a scraper blade will leave scratches. Sometimes these scratches may not even be visible for an hour or more after cleaning.
  • Test a small area: Always test the scraper in a small, inconspicuous spot on the window to make sure it’s safe. Remember, some of these scratches may not appear right away.
  • Inspect your scraper: Always inspect your scraper before use. Make sure there are no rust spots, chips, or bends in the blade before starting.
  • Wet the window: Always keep the window wet while scraping.
  • Scrape in a forward motion: Only scrape moving the scraper forward, like a plow. Side-to-side scraping or pulling the blade backwards can cause scratches.

Replacement scraper blades are available for the Unger 4 inch Glass Scraper. See the related items below.

Need A Longer Squeegee?

The Unger Pro stainless steel squeegee works at longer lengths too. Add a stainless steel “S” squeegee channel up to 22 inches to your kit from the related items below. It also goes smaller, as small as 6 inches for windows with French panes.

Need A Different Size Pole?

Unger has a variety of pole sizes available, from the 2 foot Henry’s Handi Handle, to the 30 foot TelePlus Pole, and even an 8 foot carbonfiber Ninja Transformer Pole. All of these options include an Unger ErgoTec Locking Cone pole tip to lock on all of you ErgoTec tools. Check them out in the related items below.

Need A Bucket?

The Unger 6 gallon Pro Bucket is a great fit for this kit. It will allow the full washer to fit into the bucket in one dip, and can double as a means to store your tools. Check out the related items below.

Still Have Questions?

We’re happy to help! Give us a call, and we’ll help you build your perfect kit.

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