HydroSphere EcoCart w/39ft Gardiner SLX Waterpole Complete Package

HydroSphere EcoCart w/39ft Gardiner SLX Waterpole Complete Package



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The perfect all-in-one Pure Water package!

Looking for a great water system for 3 to 4 story work? This package has everything you need to do the job. It's great for small commercial buildings.

With the HydroSphere EcoCart Multi-stage Pure Water System, produce the Pure Water you need to clean glass to a spot free shine. It's easy to maneuver, with large wheels and a sturdy frame, making the EcoCart a big hit with window cleaners everywhere. The filters are industry standard filters, making supply steady and prices competitive.

This complete package also includes the 39 foot SLX, a quality waterpole from Gardiner Poles. Gardiner is one of the best selling waterpoles in England. This is a solid performer in the field that beats aluminum and hybrid poles in weight and rigidity.

This complete package arrives with everything you need. Simply hook a garden hose from the source to the unit, and you are ready to work. It includes waterpole hose, brush, gooseneck, and all the necessary fittings.

HydroSphere EcoCart

The HydroSphere EcoCart Multi-stage Pure Water System is an RO/DI system that will produce the Pure Water you need on demand at the job site.

High Quality Design

The HydroSphere EcoCart has large 10 inch wheels and a light, balanced design that makes it easy to move over any terrain. It's light enough to get in and out of vehicles with ease. This system is made with high quality stainless steel and mounted onto an aluminum frame that will not rust.

Easy To Use

This system runs on tap water pressure only. No power, no pump required. Work up to 3 stories or 30 feet without adding a pump.

Or add a pump and work to 60 feet or more!

The filters are easy to change and readily available.

Clean With Any Water

Because it is a multi-stage system, the HydroSphere EcoCart will easily purify water with readings of 300 TDS or more. Residential homes with well water are no problem for this system. It will also work great for city water and areas with low TDS.

Add Any Waterpole

The HydroSphere EcoCart has standard outlet that will work with the fittings included with any of our waterpoles, no matter the brand. So choose the brand and length that fit your needs best.

Ready To Work

The HydroSphere EcoCart comes with the filters already installed and ready to go. Just hook up a standard garden hose, run water through to remove the air, hook up your waterpole, and start cleaning.


  • Standard 3/4 inch garden hose inlet and outlet
  • Stainless steel RO housing
  • High quality aluminum frame
  • 10 inch inflatable tires
  • Waste water valve
  • Off-the-shelf replacement filters
  • Standard 10 inch carbon filter
  • DI Resin features 20 inch refillable housing
  • 40 inch RO for max efficiency
  • Manufacturer reports flow rates up to 1.75 gpm
  • Measures 50 x 17 x 14 inches
  • Weight 45 pounds

Gardiner 39 Foot SLX Carbonfiber Waterpole

The Gardiner SLX 39 Foot Carbonfiber Waterpole brings you affordability in a rigid, lightweight waterpole. It is a high-quality waterpole that will last season after season. Easily reach four story windows!


  • 100% carbonfiber content in all extending sections
  • Featuring the patented Gardiner Smart Clamps with embedded locking nuts and non-catching, non-finger-pinching design
  • Base handle section has an outer insulated layer for safety


  • 39 foot length
  • 44 foot working height
  • 8 sections
  • Comes complete with 10 inch Super-Lite brush, Square Lock gooseneck, 50 feet of yellow all-season waterpole hose, and connectors

All of our Pure Water Systems ship FREIGHT FREE to all continental USA commercial addresses!

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Great system

Bought 2 this year. Very impressed with the quality of this unit for how inexpensive it is. I highly recommend!


Bought 2 this year. Very impressed with the quality of this unit for how inexpensive it is. I highly recommend!