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EacoChem HD Britenol

EacoChem HD Britenol



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EacoChem HD Britenol is an all purpose cleaner acid designed to be used on homes and in light duty commercial applications. It can be used on a variety of masonry surfaces, polished stone surfaces, limestone, fiberglass, tile, porcelain, metal finishes, concrete, wood, painted aluminum and vinyl siding. HD Britenol removes stains that can occur under the eaves on siding.

It works great on most substrates. HD Britenol will not harm people or animals when used as directed, but care should be taken to protect plants. HD Britenol is sold as a concentrate.


  • Safely replaces bleach on most applications
  • Cleans using brushless application
  • Can be used on multiple substrates
  • Great for use in either commercial or residential applications
  • Safe on skin
  • 100% safe on glass
  • Improves productivity


  • Do not allow product to dry on the surface. Always rinse thoroughly.
  • Generally, not effective on very old thick-crusted carbon deposits
  • Not a restoration detergent

Suitable Substrates

The following substrates have been tested on and are deemed suitable under standard conditions. Pretesting is always recommended prior to full-scale cleaning.

  • Aluminum Siding
  • Vinyl Siding
  • Stucco
  • Wood
  • Stainless Steel (non-coated)
  • Granite
  • Unpolished marble
  • Limestone
  • Concrete
  • Fiberglass
  • Tile
  • Porcelain
  • Asphalt Shingles


While this list is extensive, there are other substrates that HD Britenol may be suitable for that are not listed. Every cleaning situation is unique in its own way, so please follow all precaution, pre-testing and application instructions included on the Product Data Sheet.


  • 4 parts water to 1 part HD Britenol for asphalt shingles
  • Undiluted to 15 parts water to 1 part HD Britenol for aggressive staining
  • 20-60 parts water to 1 part HD Britenol for standard maintenance and cleaning


Note: Dilutions will vary based on the severity of stain and type of surface.

Coverage Rates

Coverage rates will vary based on dilutions, porosity severity of stain, application method, and other factors. Proper testing will determine actual coverage rate.

Caution: Do not allow the product to dry on a surface.

HD Britenol can be used in conjunction with Cleansol BC for a two-step house wash that will outperform ANY other house wash system on the market today. See the related items below.

Available in a gallon jug or a 5-gallon pail.

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