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Waterpole Extra Scrub Power Assembly

Waterpole Extra Scrub Power Assembly



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Waterpoles are great, however there are times when certain areas of glass need a little more scrubbing than a waterpole brush can apply.

The ReachAround Adapter is a small ACME-threaded tip that attaches to a gooseneck and faces the opposite direction as the brush. This adapter will accept a variety of tools with ACME thread. You can also place a taper on the ReachAround Adapter to use it any of your other window cleaning tools.

The Doodlebug Assembly is the ReachAround Adapter already installed on a Gardiner gooseneck of your choice, and it includes a scrub pad holder and one white scrub pad. Just attach it to your waterpole and brush, and you're ready to start cleaning!

===Note === Bronze pad shown in image is not currently available

Available in four styles:


  • Male Stem to Male Euro
  • Male Stem to Male Square Lock (this style comes with all of our Gardiner waterpoles)
  • Female Euro to Male Euro
  • Female Euro to Male Square Lock


You can also use our wooden taper tip (QL-TAPER) to adapt to the ReachAround Adapter any window cleaning tool.

The ReachAround Adapter can be made to work with most waterpoles.

The ReachAround Adapter Tip is also available by itself, and works great with Gardiner's plastic adjustable goosenecks.

Please note that while we're currently out of stock of bronze wool scrub pads, this is shipping with a (5) pack of thick plastic scrub pads.

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