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Unger 24 Foot Pole in the TelePlus™ Pole System (4-section)

Unger 24 Foot Pole in the TelePlus™ Pole System (4-section)



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Modular & telescopic for more versatility

The Unger TelePlus™ pole system is an expandable system available in a multitude of lengths. Ranging anywhere from 12 foot with 2-sections to 30 foot with 5-sections of pole, the versatile TelePlus™ pole system can handle all of your high-reach needs. Use it for scrubbing, squeegeeing, dusting, etc.

Add or remove sections as needed. It's modular!

Collapse it down to just over 6 feet. It's also telescopic!

This is smallest 4-sections of the TelePlus™ pole system.

This unit is just over 6 feet long when collapsed and will extend to a length of 24 feet.

The T5180 can be added to this unit to lengthen it at any time.

Unger Part No. TV750

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