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Tucker ECO Carbonfiber Waterpole

Tucker ECO Carbonfiber Waterpole



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The Tucker ECO Carbonfiber Waterpole is a lightweight waterpole made of 100% carbonfiber. It features a plastic clamping system that is bolted on rather than glued. The clamps are easy to adjust and operate smoothly and easily.

The Tucker ECO Carbonfiber Waterpole comes complete with:

  • Adjustable gooseneck with Euro thread and Reach Around adapter
  • Tucker 12 inch nylon dual trim brush
  • Premium waterpole hose
  • Fittings for quick Pure Water system connection

Available in multiple sizes:

  • 15 Foot: weighs 2lb, 11ft actual length
  • 30 Foot: weighs 4lb, 26ft actual length
  • 40 Foot: weighs 5lb, 36ft actual length
  • MINI: 7 short sections, weighs 4lb, 26ft actual length

Please Note: The 15 Foot Tucker ECO Waterpole, is actually a carbonfiber and fiberglass composite, instead of 100% carbonfiber.

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