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Triumph MK3 Rubber Grip 6 Inch Scraper w/Angled Head

Triumph MK3 Rubber Grip 6 Inch Scraper w/Angled Head



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A top choice for window cleaners since 1981!

The Triumph Scraper is an invaluable tool for any window cleaner’s tool belt. This scraper makes it quick and easy to remove paint, tape, sticky labels, construction remnants, etc. Triumph has set the standard for professional scrapers since 1981.

The tool's handle is made of a single, reinforced plastic casting for excellent durability. Its design provides a good grip, which makes it effective and comfortable to work with for longer periods and under challenging conditions.

The Triumph scraper is an extremely sharp precision tool, which must be handled and stored safely. The scraper blade is most safely stored in the blade holder/tracks of the tool. When the tool is not in use, the safety cap clicks on quickly and easily, so the scraper can be safely put away.

The Triumph scraper is a long-time favorite among professionals for its simplicity, lightness, durability, and quality. Its 6 inch blade reduces scraping time, even on large jobs!

Includes (1) 0.20mm carbon steel blade already installed and a protective cap. Replacement Triumph scraper blades are available in carbon steel and stainless steel. The blades are double-ground and can be replaced or rotated without the use of a to(more...)

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