The Gutter Hawg

The Gutter Hawg



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The Most Innovative Gutter Tool On The Market!

The Gutter Hawg with ACME thread is designed for professionals in the gutter cleaning industry, but works easily enough to be used by any homeowner who wants to clean their own gutters. Clean gutters easily from a ladder. All you need is an ACME threaded extension pole, and you can screw the gutter cleaner right on and get to work.

This tool is designed specifically to free up debris under gutter hangers and help you more readily reach all areas of the gutter. All without having to lean out from your ladder.


  • Innovative: Designed by a window cleaner, this tool gets debris past those pesky gutter hangers more efficiently using the ergonomically designed hook! You can also use it to remove debris behind most skylights and other structures on the roof.
  • Easy two-step cleaning: Simply pull gutter debris straight toward you with the flat, paddle-shaped end and knock trapped debris out from under gutter brackets with the squared end.
  • Save time & money: Allows for less re-positioning and climbing up and down a ladder. You can safely clean up to 20 feet of gutters at a time without moving your ladder.


  • Hands free: Hang the tool on the rungs when going up or down the ladder. Keep your hands free for safety.


The Gutter Hawg will work with any of our aluminum extension poles, but for a real step up in your gutter cleaning game, try it with a Gardiner TRAD pole. These poles are lighter and more rigid than aluminum to save strain on you and your workers.

The innovative design of The Gutter Hawg was created by a window cleaner. He makes these tools here in the USA and makes sure that they are made of the most rugged material so they can hold up in the field.

Don't fall for cheap imitations. Buy the original Gutter Hawg from a trusted dealer like Detroit Sponge.

The Gutter Hawg is the new name for The Gutter Tool, but it is still the same, great product!

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